MUST-Staff ID Generation System

Development of the Staff ID generation system used by the Academic Registrar department (2020- to date) to generate staff IDS.


MUST has more than 400 staff. The University had hired a service provider to generate IDs for staff. However, the service provider was expensive and there were delays in generation of IDs. The result is that staff had expired IDs, and this was causing major challenges for staff for instance: With the COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) where a few staff were allowed to work, they couldn’t identify themselves to the SOPs enforcers as legitimate staff members.


SIIU developed the University staff ID generation system where IDs are now designed, generated, and printed in the university academic registrar’s office. 

The system can be accessed at:

See Screenshot of system generating a staff ID


  • Cost saving: More than 609 IDs have been generated by the system as of June 2022. These would have cost the university a lot of money to print from a service provider. 
  • Timely renewal: Now, staff can simply walk into the Academic Registrar’s office and have their IDS printed in a few minutes. So, no expiries are expected. 
  • Convenience: Staff had to move to the service provider’s office (away from the University premises) to have their details taken and wait for some time to have their IDs generated.