The SIIU is the organizer of the annual FCI awards. 

Best student projects are nominated by lecturers from the pool of undergraduate research projects. 

The best student innovations are awarded every year based on the criteria below:

Product: How well has the product has been developed? Is there clarity, simplicity, friendliness, and an intuitive feel of how the project works? How complete is product? How effectively teams have used API(s) & Technology to develop the product?

Sustainability: Does the project have a feasible business model? Can the project be turned into a sustainable business that can make money?

Development impact: What is the project’s social impact to the development of the local population? Whose problem does the project address? How relevant and important is the project to the target population?

Novelty and innovation: Is it a fresh idea, or a new approach to an old problem, or a better way to do something efficiently/effectively/elegantly?

Team work: How harmonious and effective have the teams worked together? How committed are the teams to leading the project to future development?