Samuel Mugisha D.C is the Head of Department for the Software Incubation and Innovations Unit (SIIU) at the Faculty of Computing and Informatics.

His full profile can be accessed at:

Innovation is the way through which we become co-creators with God. We can bring new ideas that put forward humans.

In a country where the unemployment rates are going up every year, we need to equip our students with employable skills. 

It is evident that anyone with Software development skills at a high level will not lack employment at any stage in their lives. 

It is on this mandate that we conduct activities to nurture software development skills in our students. We do this through bootcamps, competitions to supplement their academic classes.

We only take on intern students who work on the software projects that we are working on so they can work on a real-world project. 

SIIU is at the organizer of the annual innovation awards at the Faculty of Computing and Informatics. These awards recognize and award best student innovative projects. Projects are later incubated to become real world projects/ businesses. 

SIIU continues to be the developer of the University inhouse software systems. We have tremendous success developing software that is in use at the university. 

We encourage students to participate in the activities organized by SIIU.

Together, we can make a difference.